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Herman Cain Is Making It Hard For Me To Remain Neutral

So far in the race for the 2012 nominee, I’ve tried to remain open-minded. I lean towards particular candidates on any given day, after any given debate, and after finding out about any given candidate’s action that I agree or disagree with. But, I just have to say that Cain makes it REALLY hard for me to remain neutral, mainly because I freakin’ LOVE him. I love that he’s not a career politician. I love that he’s lived in the real world. I even love that he is from Georgia (me too!) and got a graduate degree from Purdue (found that out yesterday from Mr. Daisy, who is quite proud to be an alum with him). I love how he handles himself in situations like the video below. And I love that he’s giving the liberal establishment a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER. In a classy, Cain type of way, that is.Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not endorsing a particular candidate (YET). Mock and I get to see (and possibly meet) Rick Perry tomorrow, so he may redeem himself a bit from the last few weeks of disappointing me. But today? Yeah. Today, I love me some Cain. LOVE.

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