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Google Chrome OS for tablets won’t be anytime soon

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In spite of recent indications that Google is developing Chrome OS for pads, Google states that it’s “fully focused on notebooks” for the foreseeable future.

Google aroused some eyebrows last month once it made alterations to Chrome OS’s source code. It supplied multiple references to touchscreens and tablets, admitting a fresh touch-optimized tab page. The thought of a Chrome OS tablet is not new though; Google even constructed mocks of such a gimmick in February 2010.

When inquired about Google’s future projects for Chrome OS beyond the notebook, Google SVP of Chrome Sundar Pichai stated that Chrome OS is “agnostic” to the hardware it carries on. put differently, Chrome OS may easily be ported to tablets, desktop PCs and other Internet-connected tools.

With that stated, Pichai went far clear that Google is laser concentrated on Chrome OS for the notebook. He noticed that Google prefer to reach the biggest amount of people possible, and most folks use notebooks instead of tablets or desktops. “We’re fully focused on notebooks,” Pichai told.

That does not mean that Google is discounting tablets, though. on Tuesday, Google launched Android Honeycomb 3.1, the latest version of its tablet-optimized operating system. With an OS already optimized for phones and pads, Google does not have any bonus to bring Chrome OS to tablet PC anytime soon.

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