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Gloria Allred Joins Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Fray

As everyone knows, it isn’t a real scandal until Gloria Allred has said her piece. Allred charged Cain with “actively lying to Americans” and said that when the accuser, Sharon Bialek, asked for a job, “Mr. Cain instead decided to try to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.” And what was that stimulus? While the two sat in a car after getting dinner back in 1997, Bialek said that Cain took her head and brought it to his crotch, asking her “You want a job, right?” As compared to the other allegations thus far, this would seem to be a more explicit case of sexual harassment or assault. But much of the conversation at Monday’s press conference centered on Allred’s performance rather than the actual charges. Reuters’ Jack Shafer tweeted, “Was Allred’s presser a rainmaker for her legal practice?” And it was Allred trending most on Twitter, not Bialek or Cain. Salon’s Joan Walsh, a self-avowed lefty and feminist, tweeted, “Gloria Allred’s “stimulus package” joke trivialized her client Sharon Bialek’s actual disturbing story. Very dumb.” Then again, it does keep the story in the news, which is the last thing Cain wants. Bialek has already been booked for two morning shows tomorrow. Cain issued a statement immediately following the press conference, dubbing the accusations “false” and said his policy proposals would overshadow “these bogus attacks.” Over the weekend, while debating Newt Gingrich at a GOP event in Texas, Cain said the scandal was being propelled by “dishonest journalists.” Also read: Herman Cain Blames ‘Dishonest Journalists’ for Sexual Harassment Hoopla But if the number of accusers – now at four — hits nine, it could give new meaning to Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan.”

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