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Gallagher Suffers Second Heart Attack

Posted: March 25, 2012 For the last 32 years comedian Gallagher has been delighting crowds with his raunchy form of comedy and his love of smashing watermelons but now the comedian is attempting to get some rest after suffering a second heart attack in just four days.Gallagher was recently discharged from a hospital in Texas and according to sources close to the comedian he suffered a mild heart attack after being released.According to a source in the know Gallagher ran out of his heart medication and felt like he was having another heart attack. After rushing to an Arizona hospital his doctors confirmed that he was suffering another attack.A rep for the comedian noted:“Gallagher suffered a mild heart attack today at a hospital in Sedona due to complications from his previous heart attack. He is awake and resting comfortably now.”During his first hospitalization on March 14 Gallagher was placed into a medically induced coma for several days in order to give his heart time to heal.The 65-year-old comedian remains hospitalized this second time around so doctors can monitor his heart.While doctors, family members and friends wish he would take a break to fully recover his rep reveals:“Gallagher doesn’t like people telling him what to do, but he just needs to rest. We’re just praying he’ll listen.”In the meantime the inventor of the  Sledge-o-Matic recently said he was ready to give up his stage act and focus on other projects because he was “sick and tired of it.”

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