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Friend of Natalie Wood reacts to new investigation

TUCSON – New details on the death of actress Natalie Wood have L.A. detectives re-opening their investigation. The three time Oscar nominee drowned 30 years ago this month while boating off Catalina Island with husband, Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken. Her death was declared an accident and the case closed. Now authorities are taking another look. While they won’t say what new information they have, they rule out Wagner as a suspect. The captain of the yacht that night appeared on the Today Show, claiming Wood’s husband is responsible for her death. David Gregory with the Today Show said, “Was he responsible for her death?” Dennis Darven the former captain of Splendour said, “Yes, I would say yes.”Wood was a member of Hollywood royalty, but the end of her life gave her the starring role in real life mystery-horror. “We just thought oh how tragic. What a tragic accident,” said Regina Loew, one of Wood’s friends. Thirty years later, the plot thickens. Lt. John Corina with the L.A. County Sheriff Department said, “We’re going to follow up on the leads we have. We are going to re-interview some people, interview some new people. Talk to people and re-evaluate the evidence.” Loew’s late husband was engaged to wood at one time. “I always thought well he has good taste he married me,” said Loew. Loew and her husband, Arthur, developed a close bond with Wood and her husband, Robert Wagner, who Loew calls R.J.She said they would take trips all over the world together. Loew doesn’t believe foul play was involved in Wood’s death. “Why would Christopher Walken, and the captain, and R.J. all conspire? It just doesn’t make sense at all and when I saw the captain on television this morning he just appeared so strange,” she said. As far as she knew, the couple seemed happy. “They had a wonderful relationship. We had so many wonderful memories with them. It was just a shock, but it was an accident,” said Loew. Authorities say Wagner is not a suspect. The death is still considered an accident.

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