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Former US President Jimmy Carter congratulates Ghana for wiping out Guinea Worm disease completely

You Are Here: Home » General News » Former US President Jimmy Carter congratulates Ghana for wiping out Guinea Worm disease completelyPage last updated at Thursday, July 28, 2011 17:17 PM // Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his Foundation, the Carter Center, have congratulated Ghana for becoming the world’s newest country to stop transmission of Guinea worm.Guinea worm disease is a debilitating and painful infection caused by a large nematode (roundworm), Dracunculus medinensis which begins with a blister, usually on the leg, according to the World Health Organisation.Ghana officially announced that it had completed the 14 consecutive months reporting zero indigenous cases of Guinea worm disease at a ceremony held in the Savelugu/Naton District of the Northern Region on Wednesday July 27, 2011 indicating that the disease cycle has been broken after a 23-year nationwide battle.According to Mr Jimmy Carter, who has helped Ghana in the fight against the disease, the country’s total eradication of Guinea worm encourage other countries to wipe out the ancient disease as soon as possible.“Ghana’s triumph over Guinea worm disease serves as a reminder to the world and the remaining endemic countries that the greatest challenges can be overcome with hard work, political commitment, and the support of the international community,” said Mr Carter in a statement published on the Center’s website July 28, 2011.The Carter Center began leading the international Guinea worm eradication campaign in 1986.The Center says under its Guinea Worm Eradication Programme, Ghana was its first country partner at which it recorded “nearly 180,000 cases of Guinea worm disease during the first national case search in 1989…This ranked Ghana second in the world in cases at the time.”Strong partnerships throughout the campaign helped the nation overcome many challenges and set-backs, including a massive Guinea worm outbreak in the Savelugu town in 2007, the Centre said.Ghana reported and contained its last indigenous case in May 2010, according to the Centre.By Ekow QuandzieComments

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