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Favre should step up to the plate to help Fuzzy – Leader-Telegram: Dan Holtz

It was saddening tohear Green Bay Packers legendary guard and Altoona native FuzzyThurston will have at least one of his Super Bowl championshiprings auctioned off to recover some of the $1.7 million the federalgovernment says he owes in back taxes.

Authorities aretrying to track down his other Super Bowl ring along with othermemorabilia to auction off in accordance with a courtorder.

So far the auctionhouse handling this case has one of Thurston’s Super Bowl rings,his 1960 Packers helmet, and two 1960 footballs signed by membersof the Packers and coach Vince Lombardi.

An auction housespokesman is hopeful Packers fans might reach out and buy the itemsat the auction Aug. 4 in Rosemont, Ill., and return them toThurston.

I’ve got a betteridea.

Yes, if any Packerdeserves a helping hand in this instance, it’s Thurston.

He is probably amongthe top 10 Packers ever in terms of popularity with thefans.

He’s a Wisconsinnative, he makes himself readily available to the fans and is morethan eager to share a big smile and sometimes even a hug with hisadoring public.

The only two Packersof the last 50 years who rival that popularity are Bart Starr andRay Nitschke.

If not for the way hehandled himself over the past three years, Brett Favre would soonhave entered that Starr-Nitschke-Thurston stratosphere.

But his reputationhas been greatly tarnished with Packers fans.

Will some of that goaway with time? Yes.

But Favre could go along way in repairing his image in Wisconsin if he went to thatauction in August, bought Thurston’s stuff and returned it tohim.

Favre certainly hasthe financial resources to perform such a feat.

And how appropriatewould that be: A Packer legend getting assistance from anotheralmost Packer legend.

Sounds good to me and Packers fansacross Wisconsin would love it.

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