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Elderly couple in Hamilton scammed out of cash

HAMILTON — An elderly couple was scammed out of “a large sum of money from the bedroom” Oct. 27 by two suspects who seal-coated their driveway for $400 the day before, then came back to steal more, Capt. James Stevens reported.The couple was solicited at their home in the Broad Street Park area by two males operating a red Ford pickup truck with a large tar tank situated in the rear bed. The truck carried Pennsylvania plates.“The males offered to seal coat the victims’ driveway for $400,” Stevens said in a press release. “The suspects performed the work and received payment, but returned the following day and asked for more money for unspecified repairs to the driveway.“While one suspect remained outside seal-coating a neighbor’s driveway, the other suspect talked his way into the elderly couple’s home, and after negotiating the price of the new repairs, watched as the homeowner retrieved $300 from her bedroom for payment.”After receiving the $300, the suspect then claimed to be a diabetic, Stevens said, and asked for food and water.“While the homeowner was distracted,” he added, “the suspect went into her bedroom and removed a large sum of money …”The suspect who did the stealing is described as a white male in his 30s, 5-feet-8 tall, weighing 200 pounds, with a missing front tooth. The second suspect is a white male of 50 to 60 years of age, 5-feet-11, weighing 170 pounds. The red Ford truck had no company name on it.Anyone with information on the scammers is urged to call Hamilton Detective David Wilson (609) 689-5823 or the HTPD Crime Tip Hotline at (609) 581-4008. Return to Paging Mode

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