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Disgraced Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson breaks down on her new show

Disgraced Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson breaks down on her new show and argues with celebrity psychologist Dr Phil – but finds out she tried to sell access to her ex hubby Prince Andrew because she is 'addicted to approval'. Sarah Ferguson

Fergie flies to New York to try and re-build her brand following the May 2010 scandal where she was filmed agreeing to sell information about her former royal spouse.

While there she has an emotional sit-down with Dr Phil where he accuses her of being ‘in denial’ about her public shame and of ‘distorting’ the situation.

But the Duchess, who met straight-talking Dr Phil on her comeback show Finding Sarah: From Royalty to the Real World, hits back and says she has always been totally honest about the story even though she feels ‘tormented with regret’ about it.

Dr Phil said: “It’s important to me how much denial you’re in and how much you’re distorting the situation. The town fool could have seen it was a set up.”

Fergie said: “I am so honest, I will tell you everything.

“I’m trying to survive with a huge great responsible weight of guilt about every single atom of what I’ve done. It was idiotically stupid. I’m guilty as charged for not listening to my moral compass.”

Dr Phil said: “You behave like an addict.”

Fergie replied: “I’m a total addict but don’t I know what am addicted to. I’m addicted to approval. I’m so happy I’ve been labelled.”

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