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Daily Briefing – PM Update W/Corzine

Washington - Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine(D) offered testimony on Capitol Hill today about the collapse of MF Global, the firm he headed until last month when it was reported hundreds of millions of dollars in client funds were missing. In a written statement prepared for delivery before the hearing, Corzine says he “simply does not know where the money is.” Corzine told the committee he was “devastated” by the firm’s bankruptcy and apologized to all those effected. The former governor has been summoned to testify before three congressional committees. Thursday’s appearance was the first. Read More: Washington Post – Corzine DevastatedWGA - The Western Governors Association continues its meeting today in Palm Springs, California. Energy transmission is on the agenda today. The governors recognize a need to build a better electricity transmission system if the west is to exploit its potential as a major generator of wind, solar and geothermal energy. Wednesday the WGA approved a resolution urging reform of the travel visa system to encourage tourism. More.NLRB - A major development in the case brought by the Machinists’ union against Boeing. The two sides have come to a labor agreement in Washington and as a result, the union has asked the National Labor Relations Board to drop its complaint against the company. The NLRB filed a lawsuit on behalf of the union when Boeing announced it would build the 787 Dreamliner aircraft in South Carolina – a right to work state. The suit provided Governor Nikki Haley(R) and national Republicans a major club to use against the Obama administration on jobs policy. More.Arizona - A report in the Arizona Republic says prosecutors will not pursue charges in a case involving Social Security payments to the son of Governor Jan Brewer(R). Brewer says she was never contacted by investigators during the year long probe and she believes the original complaint was politically motivated. More.Blagojevich - Speaking on MSNBC this morning, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn(D) said the matter of former Governor Rod Blagojevich(D) is now a closed chapter. Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison Wednesday after a two day sentencing hearing. He was convicted this summer, during a second trial, of multiple federal corruption charges. More.Battle of the Governors - Former Virginia governors Tim Kaine(D) and George Allen(R) took part in the first debate of what is expected to be a long and potentially nasty campaign for the U.S. Senate. The two met Wednesday in Richmond. The debate served as a preview of the issues and the rhetoric likely to be used nationally in 2012. More.Vermont - State Senator Randy Brock(R) has stepped forward to challenge Governor Peter Shumlin(D) in 2012. At a news conference Wednesday, most of the leadership of the Vermont GOP was on hand to endorse Brock’s candidacy. Including just about every Republican who had been mentioned as a potential candidate. We are not calling the race early, but it has been 50 years since an incumbent governor lost a re-election bid in Vermont. More.North Carolina - A surprising story out of North Carolina. It’s been revealed that Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s(D) and her husband, spent time this fall at the Western Governor’s Residence in Asheville, while she was in North Carolina for rehabilitation treatment. More.New Mexico - Governor Susana Martinez(R) says she will try for a third time, in the next legislative session, to strike down a state law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses. More.Rhode Island - The fall out continues after Governor Lincoln Chafee(I) pushed through and signed a measure just before Thanksgiving reforming the state’s pension system for public employees. More.McDonnell - Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell(R), reflecting the views of many state leaders, says if the national healthcare law is upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, he wants his state to run its own health exchange. But until he knows the outcome of the case, he does not intend to waste time or state money implementing that aspect of the law. More.Scott - Stunning news for Florida Governor Rick Scott(R) on the day he unveiled his “no tax increase” budget for next year. A new poll from Public Policy Polling puts his approval rating at 26%. It is the lowest number for any governor the firm does surveys on and may be the lowest approval rating for any sitting governor.More.Only on GoJo - An interview with Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the recall campaign against Governor Scott Walker(R). Later today: Six questions about the recall campaign.Storm Watch - Friday Governor Storm Abernathy delivers the eulogy for Governor Brendan Smythe. It’s a performance Smythe would appreciate for its political value. New episodes every Wednesday and Friday only on Governors Journal.The GoJo Wire is updated throughout the day. Check in often. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. 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