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Crowded Carter Lake

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The Missouri is off limits, Zorinsky is still dry, and so more people are headed to Carter Lake. The concern is for safety the fear is overcrowding.

With the time and space he needs in Carter Lake Aaron Schock is testing the limits of himself and his new toy.

Aaron Schock says, “I definitely wish I had gotten one a long time ago.”

Schock admits that he is no expert on his personal watercraft but he is getting the hang of it and improving each time out. He suggests anyone starting out on a jet ski take some precautions.

Aaron Schock says, “If you’re a first timer come out today when there is no one on the lake because you have the whole lake to yourself. You kind of know what you can do with it, how you can maneuver it, how quick it turns.”

That may be difficult advice to follow. Authorities have banned recreational boats from the Missouri and Zorinsky is still dry, that means a lot of boaters will be headed to Carter Lake.

Steve Podany says many of the Missouri River boaters were at the lake this past weekend and there were no problems, still he favors a tightening of restrictions on Carter Lake.

Steve Podany says, “Sure as long as everybody is having a good time and slows down. If it gets crowded you want everybody to slow down and be a little bit safer but there was no problem with the bigger boats out here they kind of stayed down at the no wake zone tied up together there really wasn’t any speed involved with the bigger boats.”

That sounds good to Schock but if too many boaters put in at Carter Lake he may not bring his jet ski back for a while. He trusts his own skills but overcrowded is overcrowded.

Aaron Schock says, “I would be concerned because these things are like lightening on the water and if people aren’t paying attention especially if there is alcohol out here it would be very dangerous.”

Many of the boaters we talked to said that as Carter Lake starts to fill with boats and jet skis that people really do slow down and look out for each other.

All of the people we spoke to said that a slower speed especially when the lake gets crowded is something that they would support.

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