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Constitution Duel Released

Just in time for Constitution Day on Friday, the Bill of Rights Institute is releasing its newest resource for civic classes and American history buffs: the Constitution Duel. Framed by the historic and deadly duel between first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and third Vice President Aaron Burr, the Constitutional Duel is a pop quiz on American history knowledge relating to the Constitution and Constitutional law. Like a miniepisode of Jeopardy, the 15-question quiz is designed for competition with two or more contestants, though you can take it by yourself as well. It has questions ranging from historical minutiae (“Who was the last living survivor of the 56 men that signed the Declaration of Independence?”), to useful political knowledge (“What proportion of Congress must vote to approve a law over the President’s veto?”). In case you don’t know, the answers are Charles Carroll and two thirds, respectively. Also new for this Constitution Day, the institute has created a short video explaining the difference between republics and democracies. The United States is not, it turns out, a pure democracy, but rather a constitutional republic that depends on elected officials and is restrained by the Constitution. Pure democracy was opposed by America’s founders to prevent the possibility of entire segments of society being singled out and exploited by the majority. Founded in 1999, the Bill of Rights Institute is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating young people about the words and ideas of America’s founders, the liberties guaranteed in the founding documents, and how the founding principles continue to affect society.

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