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Commentary: Future looks bright for OSU, Michigan football

Updated 1:05 AM Sunday, November 27, 2011 My oldest daughter nabbed the last piece of pumpkin pie — the one I was going to enjoy during the second half of The Game. Sadly, my defensive scheme was as leaky as Ohio State’s performance against Denard Robinson. I did make the most of my blown coverage, though, by making Nicole help me rake leaves.Ohio State was a decisive underdog at Michigan on Saturday. Yet, the Buckeyes were one complete pass from pulling it out. What’s that about a rivalry being a rivalry only if both sides win now and then? I suppose if there’s one season OSU had to lose to the Wolverines, this was it.The future looks bright for both programs. ABC’s two-man crew (no Urban Meyer, mmm) was using “freshman” to describe many of the kids on the field. Once Meyer is in place this week, his stare-down with Brady Hoke begins, and the intensity level in next year’s OSU-Michigan game will resemble the days of Woody vs. Bo.UD basketball fans have done a nice job taking over the HP Field House in Orlando. The DDN’s Doug Harris reports that if the Flyers weren’t in the Old Spice Classic, there would be absolutely no atmosphere there.No matter what happens in tonight’s championship bout against Minnesota, UD coach Archie Miller has to be happy with what his team has gotten out of its trip to Florida (on the court and imagewise).Today’s Bengals-Browns game is blacked out in our market and Sherrod Brown isn’t happy. Brown, a U.S. Senator who represents our fine state in D.C., sent a whiny letter to the Federal Communications Commission asking the FCC to take a new look at the Sports Blackout Rule.He points out that eight of the past nine Bengals home games have been blacked out, a testament to the fan base’s opinion of Mike Brown. It’s nice of the senator to weigh in on behalf of weary taxpayers, but I think he should be saving his nasty letters for that bumbling supercommittee.When Tony Stewart retires from racing, he can start a career in pro wrestling. The NASCAR Sprint Cup champion ran his mouth about as fast as his souped-up Ford last week.Contact this reporter at (937) 225-2163 or .

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