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Comedy Central Airing Patrice O’neal Tribute Show

Comedy Central is paying tribute to the late comedian Patrice O’Neal by airing one of his acclaimed stand up shows ‘Elephant in the Room’ on Wednesday evening (November 29, 2011). A representative for the network told they are “broken up” about the passing of Patrice, who died on Tuesday morning following complications of a stroke he suffered in October. The network will be airing the show twice on Wednesday, once at 8pm and once at midnight, the latter version being uncensored. The show, shot live in New York and later released on DVD saw the comedian cover topics such as smoking, harassment, cheating, vengeance and his love for animals – he told the audience, “Let me say this, I don’t know what the term is for an extreme animal lover, but I get sick when I see animals suffering.and I know that’s contrary to popular belief.somehow it’s spread out that black people.we hate animals? Like we hate dogs and cats.How can you hate animals?”. The show also contained some of O’Neal’s famous crowd work, in which he’d often play couples and friends against each other with hilarious results.As well as his stand up work, O’Neal guest starred in numerous television programmes including The Office and Arrested Development. Paying tribute to the comedian today, British star Ricky Gervais called O’Neal one of his favourite ever performers.

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