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Brett Favre’s TV Debut as a Football Analyst Had Its Moments

Brett Favre, supposedly the most coveted NFL analyst free agent on the market, made his TV debut over the weekend calling a Southern Mississippi game (that’s where he went to school), and although we don’t have video of his entire performance, his hometown paper, the Hattiesburg American, has a comprehensive review.He threw in a few football terms, like “smash route,” and pointed out errors by the defensive secondary as only a quarterback could.Favre compared USM’s Tracy Lampley to Eddie Ray Walker, who played at Southern Miss when Favre did, and said scatbacks “are priceless.”Was Favre impartial? Of course not, a couple times saying “we” when talking about the Golden Eagles.But he wasn’t afraid to point out Golden Eagle mistakes, one on an incompletion to Kendrick Hardy.“That play was set up to (wide receiver Kelvin) Bolden,” Favre said. “It was a corner post… (Davis) had him wide open.”I fully anticipate a bidding war between FOX, CBS, ESPN and NBC for Favre’s services at some point (July 2012?), after Favre’s been away from the game for 18 months and he starts to crave attention again. [Hattiesburg American]

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