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Bret Michaels has a big heart: Paying for Carilion's 'Camp Too Sweet' camp dream

Bret Michaels hasn’t been shy about sharing his personal issues with diabetes. The entertainer was on Celebrity Apprentice several seasons ago and openly talked about his health issue affected his life. Keeping to his focus of the cause, Bret Michaels apparently is helping other, younger people deal with the illness too. While he was performing at Hard Rock Live! in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida on Saturday night, behind the scenes he was making a 11-year-old have a dream come true.The rocker received a letter from Kennah Hebert, who wanted to find out if the rocker could walk with her at a charity walk for diabetes. While the entertainer hasn’t said whether or not he could be part of the walk, he did offer Kennah Hebert something very special. He paid for her to go to summer camp for diabetic kids. The opportunity has the young kid very excited and she is expecting to have a great time on her excursion.”Bret remembers his parents sacrificing to give him opportunities, and staying true to his roots, he wants to help other hard working parents give their children living with diabetes the same opportunities he had. Knowing the seriousness of diabetes, added that it is hard enough being a kid these days, Bret wants to afford kids the opportunity to just be kids,” said Bret Michaels’ spokesman. Advertisement Bret Michaels has been busy rocking out the stage over the weekend, but it appears his heart is with the kids. No doubt the family of Kennah Hebert is delighted to have the big star address the seriousness of diabetes with kids as a reminder for their child as well as other kids around the country.

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