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Brent Musberger for Geeks.

I almost feel like doing a live blog on all the dumb things Brent Musburger says but in the spirit of the game I39ll refrain.Brent Musburger legendary broadcaster and lover of all things sports betting had an excellent interview with Richard Deitsch of SI. Click here to download. Brent Musburger and. 06 Jan 2012 News Brent Musburger Loves Talking About Point Spreads and Thinks Sports Betting Should Be Legalized and Taxed. Brent Musburger will. If there is one announcer who had a chance of rendering me starstruck in person I39d definitely give the nod to Brent Musburger. Rovin on January 9 2012 at 921 PM. One winner in Monday night39s college football title game might be an insurance company. 010812_Brent_Musburger_for_web_1837422. Among other things Musburger was asked why he mentions the point spread. It39s an unknown part. With that in mind I39ve been. Brent Musburger talks with Jack and Coach Hawkins about Monday39s BCS title game middot Edit middot Delete middot Tags middot Autopost. You39ll know early on which side Brent is on and him sweating his overunder bet in the. Drink One when Brent Musburger references the point spread or adds in some personal rooting interest at any point during the game. Among football announcers college or pro Brent Musburger has to rank as one of the best. Screencap of Musberger from last night39s episode. The 20112012 BCS National Championship Game will take place on Monday January 9th 2012 and ESPN will be offering the TV Broadcast. Host PlaybyPlay Commentator Photos One of the most recognized and prominent voices in the history of sports television Brent Musburger serves. In the SEC we have something called defense. 10 JAN Share

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