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Boise State thinking BCS game after romp

BOISE, Idaho — Chris Petersen broke his season-long silence on his Boise State football team’s Bowl Championship Series worthiness with a simple answer: “Yes.” If only it was that easy.The BCS is rarely as clean as its supporters claim and this year it’s messier than ever. Sunday will bring incredible drama as there is legitimate debate about No. 2 (Alabama or Oklahoma State) as well as intrigue about exactly who will be eligible under the system’s complex rules.And the Broncos, who could be as high as No. 5 when the final BCS Standings are released Sunday afternoon, are in the middle of the great debate. For a chance, Petersen waded into it — ever so slightly. “This team is as good as any of the teams that we’ve had. We lost a one-point, hard-fought game to a really good TCU team that continually got better throughout the year,” Petersen said after the Broncos dismantled New Mexico, 45-0, on Senior Day at Bronco Stadium to improve to 11-1 on the season.”I think it’s our most difficult schedule that we’ve played, but that’s as far as it goes for us. We don’t have anything else to say. We say, ’Look at the record.’ It speaks for itself.”His players passed up a chance to lobby for a third BCS game in six seasons as well. Running back Doug Martin — one of 23 seniors honored before the game and part of a group that is 49-3 in the last four seasons — came closest.”We’d like to go to a big game, a big opponent, a big match-up on a big stage,” Martin said.Saturday gave the Broncos hope, where previously there had been very little. Houston’s loss in the Conference USA title game opened the door for Boise State. And other teams, most notably TCU.Fiesta and Sugar bowl officials said late Saturday that they are considering Boise State. Fiesta Bowl spokeswoman Kristen Pflipsen said that the bowl has “had a slew of e-mails coming in from Boise State fans,” which might not make a difference in the game’s ultimate selection but was definitely getting noticed.And so after a season of games, of upsets, of great victories, of Hail Marys and missed field goals, we wait … on the votes and the pairings.Before the bowls can choose, they have to know who is eligible — a bigger question this season than in any other in recent memory.”That’s going to be a huge factor. We don’t even know who is eligible,” Sugar Bowl spokesman John Sudsbury said.Voters in the Harris and coaches’ polls know before casting their ballots where teams need to be in order to get even gain access into the BCS. Forget about No. 2 and No. 3 — where Oklahoma State and Alabama are fighting for the right to play LSU in the title game — and focus on the other cut-off points in the BCS.Michigan needs to be in the top 14 to be eligible as an at-large. TCU needs to be in the top 16 to gain an automatic spot as the highest-ranked champion from a non-automatic qualifying conference. How could that knowledge not affect the way voters vote? The best scenario for Boise State to reach a BCS game would be for neither TCU nor Michigan to reach those thresholds in the BCS Standings — which are comprised of the Harris poll, the coaches’ poll and the average computer ranking each counting for one-third of the formula.But the most important team for Boise State is TCU. If the Horned Frogs make it in a BCS bowl — in essence replacing Houston as the team from the non-automatic-qualifying conferences — then the Broncos’ chances are pretty much toast.Got all that? Not quite as simple as a yes.

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