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Behind the scenes, winners all around

Golden girl: Her arms loaded with golden Grammys, Adele stopped to talk to reporters and pose for pictures backstage. She arrived breathless and smiling. “I’m very proud of myself. It’s incredible. It’s amazing.” About her post-surgical period of doctor-imposed silence, she said: “It’s actually been really, really peaceful. Being silent in such a noisy world was actually a blessing in disguise. I’ve actually never been happier. I’m just glad to be back. I enjoyed being quiet. I’m so mouthy!” The songs on the Grammy-sweeping 21 album were inspired by a soured romance. How does her ex feel? “I think he would be very happy for me,” she said. She’s not writing new songs at the moment: “I’m too busy being happy.”Adele fans: A surprised Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, who took home an award for best country album, told reporters backstage that she “thought it was Taylor’s night for sure.” Added Charles Kelley, “after last year (when the Nashville trio won five Grammys), we were just happy to have a nomination.” Kelley said the band was pleased for Adele’s sweep (six Grammys), noting that “19 was one of our favorite records, way before 21. It’s nice to see that as music keeps evolving, something as authentic as what Adele puts out can be relevant. Well, more than relevant. It can be dominant.”Winehouse memories: After accepting the Grammy for pop duo/group performance for his Body and Soul duet with Amy Winehouse, Tony Bennett called the late singer’s parents to the stage at the pre-telecast. “We shouldn’t be here, our darling daughter should be here,” said Mitch Winehouse, father of the British songbird who died last year at 27. His daughter was thrilled by the invitation to record Body and Soul with Bennett, he said, adding, “It’s my favorite song. I said, ‘Do you know the words, darling?’ She said, ‘Dad, you’ve been singing that song to me for 25 years.’ “PHOTOS: The performancesHumbling experience: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, anointed best new artist, was torn about attending the show, which he claims captures only a portion of music’s offerings. “This is the biggest night in music,” Vernon said. “It’s hard to feel like it’s collecting the whole thing. At some point I got really nervous. Maybe it was because I didn’t really feel like I deserved to be here. But I feel gracious and humbled by the whole thing for sure.” He said he has no regrets about rejecting a Grammy offer to perform in a collaboration. His pick performance of the evening? “Bonnie (Raitt) and Alicia (Keys) stole the show for me,” he said. “It was everything I needed to hear.”Warehouse era: During the pre-telecast, hot DJ/producer Skrillex won Grammys for remixed recording, dance recording and dance/electronica album. He snagged the first for remixing Benny Benassi’s Cinema. On winning the second prize for the title track from his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites album, he said, “I’m super proud. This song is the least commercial thing I ever thought I could create. It’s 4½ minutes and there’s no verse-chorus, verse-chorus, but people connected with it. There’s no formula anymore.” When his third victory was announced, he raced to the mike and yelled, “Stop! I can’t take this anymore. This is the most surreal day of my life. I could do a dance, a juggling routine, play some slap-funk bass.”Mormons win: Those South Park guys just open their mouths and funny comes out. Take Trey Parker, part of the team that won for musical theater album for their Broadway hit, The Book of Mormon. Maybe Parker was being ironic in alluding to the presidential campaign of Mormon Mitt Romney, who would be the front-runner for the Republican nomination if other candidates didn’t keep winning. “Wow, the Mormons are having a great year. … And now a Grammy,” Parker said. He added that Mormons love the show: “Well, not everyone loves it. But for some, it’s like their Fiddler on the Roof. We know when they’re in the audience because they laugh at things that no one else laughs at.”

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