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Bath salts may be factor in Fla. zombie-like attack

By PoliceOne Staff MIAMI — A man identified as Rudy Eugene, who is accused of chewing off the face of another man may have been under the influence of bath salts, according to CNN and other sources. According to a report by WAAY-TV as much as 75-80 percent of the victim’s face was chewed off in the incident which occurred on Saturday.  So called “bath salts” have been likened to LSD and PCP, saying that the hallucinations and paranoia are similar. Medical professionals and police agree that bath salts can cause individuals to become simultaneously delirious violent. The drug — which can be snorted or injected — elevates the body temperature, so users often end up naked. The incident in Miami over the weekend is not the first in which a subject suspected to be high on “bath salts” was at once naked and violent.  In August 2011, a Chesterfield County (S.C.) Deputy was conducting a traffic stop when the driver exited his vehicle wearing nothing but a pair of shoes. Lewis tried to handcuff the man, but police say the man resisted, reaching for Lewis’ handgun and banging on the windows of his patrol car. The drug, regulated or banned outright in 37 states, is sold in convenience stores, head shops, and online in the remaining unregulated states.

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