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April is alcohol awareness month

The task force is also planning a town hall event in Wellington April 26, in coalition with the “Parents who host lose the most” campaign.With prom and graduation season approaching the event will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Wellington Reservation, 535 Jones Road, in hopes of educating people about drinking.“We really want all of Lorain County to come out,” Georgas said. The event is to kickstart the dialogue about what the community at large can do to prevent underage drinking.The meeting will be a platform for parents and students to hear from officials such as judges, law enforcement and health care providers about the consequences of underage drinking, Williams stated.“We just want to get that information to them,” Williams said.The task force is also targeting younger children to educate them about the side effects of drinking.Reach Out Now, offers fifth and sixth graders a state approved curriculum that goes over the physical and mental effects of drinking. The program also looks to teach them how to handle situations in which they might be confronted with alcohol, according to Georgas. Students are taught the curriculum by students in the high schools, with adult supervisors.“Our idea is to get this curriculum placed into peoples hands, so they can get it out (to the students),” Williams said. So far Firelands, Clearview, Lorain, Wellington, and Columbia school districts are expected to participate.For more information regarding the STOP task force or any of the campaigns, contact Georgas at 282-9920.“Anyone can partake in any of the activities, they are free,” Georgas said. “There is a role for everyone in the community to help with this.” 1 2 See Full Story

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