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Antonio Cromartie Jets: Why Return to New York Won’t Be a Flawed Sequel

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The New York Jets missed big on Nnamdi Asomugha, so much so, in fact, they have run the risk of losing out on their starting cornerback from last year, Antonio Cromartie.

The 27-year old defensive back is one of the best corners in the league and just happened to play last season alongside the league’s best, Darrelle Revis.

The Jets weren’t satisfied though, at least from the standpoint of not winning the Super Bowl, and Cromartie was the one player that got picked on from time-to-time.

Unfortunately that is a risk taken when you play with the league’s top cover man, but the Jets thought adding Asomugha would relieve them from this problem.

Now they have to clear the egg from their face, admit their fault and tell Cromartie that he is the guy they want for now and for the future.

Cromartie has no shortage of suitors, at least from the standpoint of cornerback-needy teams, and the 49ers, Cowboys, Lions and Buccaneers all still need a starting cornerback as well as the Jets.

But Cromartie, much like former teammate Braylon Edwards, is one of the guys who seem to relish the opportunity of playing in New York with Rex Ryan and the Jets.

Talk of a deal for Plaxico Burress could end the Cromartie run for the Jets, but Gang Green need a starting cornerback opposite Revis unless they truly think Kyle Wilson is ready to start (he’s not).

There is no cornerback on the market better suited for the job opposite Revis. Cromartie has done it before, he’s accustomed to the city, criticism and expectations and he’s also the best pure talent at the position.

It may take some sweet-talking, it may take a little extra of the “Rexy special”, but landing Cromartie back in New York is the best plan for both sides.

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