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After almost two months, two area officer-involved shootinginvestigations have gone from the Texas Rangers to the Gregg CountyDistrict Attorney’s Office. On Aug. 1, Kilgore police shot and killed Jamel Freeman, 19,after authorities said he attacked two officers with a knife. On Aug. 2, Gladewater police shot and killed Willie B. Green,56, after authorities said he charged three Gladewater officersalso with a knife.Texas Ranger Jason Dudley was called to investigate the Kilgoreshooting, and Texas Ranger Rudy Flores investigated the Gladewaterincident.On Tuesday, Dudley said he and Flores had turned over thefindings of their investigations to the Gregg County districtattorney for review, which later would be turned over to a grandjury.After the incidents, two Kilgore officers — Dee Ann Brown andCpl. David Tucker — were placed on paid administrative leave whilethe investigation was completed.Three Gladewater officers — whose names are being withheldpending a grand jury ruling — were placed on paid administrativeleave as well.While all of the officers have returned to work, Kilgore policeofficials said their two officers wouldn’t return to patrol untilafter the grand jury’s ruling.Kilgore shootingOn Aug. 1, two Kilgore police officers were hospitalized forknife wounds that authorities said Freeman inflicted.Police said at 7:38 a.m., Kilgore police received a 911 callfrom a person, who was later identified by family members asFreeman, who reported his father had been kidnapped and was beingheld at a next-door neighbor’s residence. Giving his location as1216 North St., the caller requested assistance.After arriving, Brown and Tucker discovered the caller “waspossibly suffering from some type of mental illness and thereported kidnapping did not occur,” Capt. Roman Roberson said atthe time.As Brown attempted to contact mental health personnel, Freemanreportedly attacked both officers with a knife.Freeman threw Brown to the ground and Tucker — who had beenstabbed in the left shoulder — shot and killed Freeman as he wasstabbing Brown in the neck and back of the head, Roberson said.Gladewater shootingGladewater officers responded about 11:15 a.m. Aug. 2 to areport of a fight in the alley behind a business in the 200 blockof South Main Street.When they arrived, Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexandersaid, three officers entered B&C Furniture and found Green witha knife.“Officers advised the man several times to drop the knife, andhe refused to comply,” Alexander said.“There was only one officer involved in the shooting, and atotal of three officers present. Tasers were used by two separateofficers prior to the use of deadly force by the third officer,”Alexander said.Green was transported to Good Shepherd Medical Center where hewas pronounced dead on arrival.

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