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A Samhain Feast – Wicca

This is somethings you can serve during the feast and also something for an offering and something to drink for the ritual.I have included this mulled cider with spices recipe and the cookies of the dead as a suggestion for an offering and beverage for your ritual.I have a few recipes to add here for your ritual that one can make ahead of time so that it will be ready for the ritual. The cider may be a bit on the chilled side when you are ready to drink it. If you choose not to use the cider recipe then you can use sparkling cider or even just plain cider.MULLED CIDER WITH SPICES4-6 cups apple cider3-4 cloves2 sticks cinnamonIn a large saucepan, heat cider, but do not boil. Add the cloves and cinnamon sticks while cider is heating. Serve in mugs, glass chalices or in a big cauldron.You are going to have cake in your ritual as an offering, why not try these cookies? Remember our loved ones that passed by making the cookies of the dead. Using cookie cutters to make these cookies into shapes of people represent our loved ones. Adding the herb rosemary to the dough to symbolizes the remembering of our loved ones that have passed. Some of the cookies can be ate while telling stories about our loved ones and this reminds us that we still have access to their strengths. Leaving the cookies outside around the bonfire is an offering to the dead in remembrance of them. These cookies, one could use in the ritual also, which is what we are going to do with them. You will need a cookie for each person who is going to be in circle with you or you can break them up into pieces and give each person a piece. This is your choice. Cookies of the Dead1

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