‘The Bachelor’ star Ben Flajnik eliminates Jennifer Fritsch and Elyse Myers

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Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller ad for Honda released (video)

Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick in better times. (Paramount Home Entertainment) Expectations were high for Matthew Broderick’s surprise reprisal of Ferris Bueller after a 10-second teaser for what turned out to be a Honda ad was released last week. Maybe a little too high.Broderick isn’t actually playing Bueller in the two-and-a-half minute commercial for the Honda CR-V, which was released online today and will air during the Super Bowl. He’s simply behaving like the hooky-playing pro by faking an illness and taking off a day from shooting a movie.Sadly, that means there’s no appearances by any other “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” alums, such as Alan Ruck or Mia Sara.And the advertising for the car, while clearly necessary, is just clunky.“Hi, can I get my CR-V brought up please?” Broderick says flatly into a telephone. “You have excellent taste in automobiles,” he tells a woman who just happens to have the same Honda.The commercial certainly pays homage to the John Hughes film. There’s a parade, a trip to a museum, a person who repeats Ben Stein’s famous “Bueller? Bueller?” line (except with Broderick’s name), an out-of-control valet driver and a few other Easter Eggs.What do you think of the commercial? Is it a fun revisiting of the classic film? Or does it fall flat? Tell us in the comments.

Will Weatherford: No plot against Allen West

The politician at the center of a blog-generated conspiracy theory that alleges Mitt Romney’s involvement in a redistricting scheme that marginalizes Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) told POLITICO he is “a huge Allen West fan” and insists there is no intention to harm the tea party favorite.Some conservative blogs accused had Florida House Speaker-designate Will Weatherford of trying to sideline West by backing a redistricting map that would make it more difficult for him to win reelection. Continue Reading After Weatherford told the Florida-based SharkTank blog that the House would go ahead with a vote on the redistricting map – one that redrew West’s district to include more Democrats – conservative blogs pounced. Some blogs even went so far as to accuse Weatherford – who has been a surrogate for Mitt Romney – of doing Romney’s bidding by trying to get rid of West (the motive of why Romney would want to marginalize West was not fully explained). Weatherford, also the chair of the Florida House Redistricting Committee, insisted that there had been some misunderstanding. “I’m a huge Allen West fan. I have always supported his candidacy. I think he’s been a great change agent for the conservative movement in Washington, D.C. I wish we could have 50 Allen Wests in Congress,” he told POLITICO. Weatherford also dismissed the suggestion that Mitt Romney was involved in any way. “[Mitt Romney] has nothing to do with this. I think someone is trying to draw a connection that doesn’t exist. I think that someone is trying to point to a bogeyman that doesn’t exist,” said Weatherford. “Gov. Romney is going to win Florida, I’m very supportive of him, but we’ve been doing redistricting since last March, and the constitution is pretty clear about what we have to do.” Two constitutional amendments passed in 2010 placed new restrictions on how redistricting could legally be done. The constitution now states that districts have to be drawn without the interests of incumbents in mind, and instead be based on compactness and existing geographical boundaries like the shapes of cities and counties. “We have tried to draw the maps based on what’s legally compliant,” asserted Weatherford, who claimed that any changes to West’s district were made as a function of legal requirements laid out in the constitution. The Florida Senate has passed a redistricting map, and the House intends to do the same on Thursday. In the meantime, Weatherford’s office has been flooded with calls and emails from those concerned with West’s political fate, and convinced that Weatherford and Romney were working to knock the tea party favorite from office. “We love Allen West,” Weatherford repeated. “He’s a conservative hero.”

The Florida Primary And A Chat Around The Water Cooler

Steve Scher 01/31/2012 at 9:00 a.m. Florida Primary: The primary is fast approaching in Florida. What will it mean for the race for the Republican presidential nomination? What are the voters saying? Businesses Endorsing Gay Marriage: Microsoft, Nike and Starbucks have all announced their support for legalizing gay marriage in Washington over the last few weeks. What does same sex marriage have to do with big business anyway? What do companies gain by taking a stand on this issue? And why does Congress care what they think? Around The Water Cooler: J.C. Penney is going all sales, all the time. Do you believe that? How does it change your perception of the retailer, vis–a–vis Wal–Mart or Target? Also, Seal and Heidi Klum are separating? How is it that we even know who they are or care that’s happening to them? Are we simply brainwashed? Why are we so obsessed as a culture with the marriages of celebrities? These water cooler conversations do say something about our collective cultural consciousness, even in the fragmented media era we live in. Today, we are trying something new. We are asking you what really attracts your attention. What is fun, funny or just plain insipid? What do these moments say about our society and our place in it? Weather Update: We’ll get the weather and hiking update from Michael Fagin. Morela Hernandez is assistant professor of management at the University of Washington Foster Business School.Yvette Moy is director of public lectures for the University of Washington.Cyrus Habib is an attorney at Perkins–Coe in downtown Seattle. A childhood eye cancer took his sight at age 8.Michael Fagin is with West Coast Weather LLC. His blog, Fagin’s Weather World suggests good hikes to match the weekend weather forecast.

'X Factor' Shake-Up: Nicole Scherzinger, Steve Jones Out

The news arrived soon after official word came that X Factor season 1 host Steve Jones would not be returning to the Fox show. "I wont [sic] be hosting next seasons XFactor which is a shame but I cant complain as I've had a great time. Good luck to everyone on the show," the 34-year-old Wales native tweeted. VIDEO: Paula Abdul, Steve Jones Discuss Nicole Scherzinger's 'X Factor' Judging StyleAccording to an E! Online report, Scherzinger has chosen to leave so she can focus on a music career. Show creator Simon Cowell has reportedly given his blessing. In November 2011, Scherzinger told THR that the show was "taking up a lot more of time than anticipated."GALLERY: 'X Factor' Finale: The High and Low NotesScherzinger's debut album Killer Love has been marred by repeated delays, she said because "in addition to my duties as a judge, the mentoring is a full-time job. I want to make sure that when I put my album out, I have the time to devote to promoting it." In the UK, it was seen as a resounding success, moving more than 140,000 copies. An Interscope Records rep tells THR that the label currently doesn't have a release date for Scherzinger's album. Twitter: @shirleyhalperin

Blake Griffin says it will take a while to change the Clippers image [Video]

Surrounded by reporters following a 102-94 victory against the Lakers, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was asked if the scrappy, physical game had a playoff-like atmosphere. "I've never been to the payoffs," Jordan said. "So I don't know what that will feel like." The Clippers past shortcomings seemed hard to remember after Saturday's game, a showing in which Chris Paul had 33 points and six assists and Blake Griffin finished with 22 points and 14 rebounds to beat a streaking Lakers team that had won five in a row. One of the keys to the game was rebounding. The Clippers, who have the lowest rebounding average in the league (37), had a 50-42 rebounding advantage over the Lakers, who have the second-highest rebounding average (46). "We definitely made strides in the right direction defensively and on the rebounding end of it but we've got to do it again," Paul said. "We've got to make it a habit and not just a one-time thing." Though the Clippers had just beaten the 16-time champions and were still relishing in a victory just days earlier against the Miami Heat, a team projected to win the title, the players were quick to keep things in perspective. "We're not going to get too high with these wins," Paul said. "And hopefully, if we lose, we're not going to get too low." It's a smart attitude to maintain considering that whenever the Clippers realize any success, their critics are quick to delve into their previous failings. "It's definitely going to take time to remove that label," Griffin said of his team's stigma. "That's what people say after you beat them," Griffin added. "They're going to want to talk about the past. We're not talking about the past." RELATED: Photos: Lakers vs. Clippers Clippers greet a new day in L.A. Clippers' Mo Williams sits out against Lakers –Melissa Rohlin

Interactive Florida Primary results map unveiled at Miami Herald.com

How Floridians vote in Tuesday’s primary will be top news across the country.To help make sense of the voter results in each of the state’s 67 counties, The Miami Herald will unveil for its readers an exclusive interactive map on it homepage at MiamiHerald.com. As election night progresses, the map will reveal who’s winning in each county. And using Patchwork Nation, the map will also show how the candidates are doing in each of Florida’s 10 types of county — from rural to metropolitan. Of course, the map shows only the patterns of Republican voters in Florida.The voter information, culled from The Associated Press, will pop up simply by hovering your mouse over a county on the interactive map of Florida.The map, designed by John Keefe of WNYC, will fill in with the latest data as the results of the primary come in. The interactive map will only be available at MiamiHerald.com and at WNYC.com.Check back here tomorrow after the polls close to see the map in action. As poll results trickle in, we’ll have the latest numbers.

Paul Brittain, Everyone from X-Factor Leaving

Featured player Paul Brittain is leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live effective immediately, Entertainment Weekly reports. Mr. Brittain will be most fondly remembered for his inept sex-ed tutor character; sources told EW that the parting was “amicable.”Last night, another show shed some weight as well–Idol rival The X-Factor, which struggled in its stated mission to dominate the ratings, cast off its host, Steve Jones, and one judge, Nicole Scherzinger, who had herself been cast as a co-host before a shake-up last year placed her in the judge’s seat. Reports indicate that Ms. Scherzinger’s fellow judge Paula Abdul may also have been fired. We’d suggest Paul Brittain as a fill-in host next season, but he apparently left Saturday Night Live for nebulous “other projects,” so we’ll leave him to it! Daniel D’Addario is a staff writer at The New York Observer. Follow Daniel on Twitter or via RSS.

ClipperBlog.com Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans » Blog Archive » Behind the Clippers 12-0 run

Let’s go back a bit.Before Kendrick Perkins was sacrificed to the gods, the Clippers found themselves in a tight ballgame against the Thunder towards the end of the second half. Even though they had played near perfect basketball to that point, the Clippers saw their once seemingly insurmountable lead dwindle from 16 to 6. With all the momentum on their side, the league’s top team in the standings was looking like they’d go into the locker room thrilled to be where they were.They almost made it.How much damage can a team do with a 1:30 left on the clock? Let’s explore:LAC 52, OKC 461:30: This is the subtle brilliance of Chris Paul. Daequan Cook is covering Paul, and he knows a pick is coming. He sees Reggie Evans charging at him from a mile away, so Cook wisely pushes Paul’s dribble away from the screener. Evans looks confused and temporarily slips the screen, only to remember that he’s Reggie Evans and has no interest in actually getting the ball. Just by using his dribble, Paul manipulates Cook by getting back to the middle of the floor to run him right off big Reggie’s chest. Paul gets a path to the paint, James Harden helps off Mo Williams to cut off the drive, and Paul finds Williams for an open 3 on the kickout. Bingo. LAC 55, OKC 461:12 Russell Westbrook is one of the most impressive athletes I’ve ever seen in my life, but sometimes, he’s too fast for his own good. Westbrook turns on the burners and leaves Mo Williams grasping for air on this possession, but he can’t put on the brakes before he slams into Reggie Evans. Russ tries to flip it to someone, but Williams is the only man in the vicinity. And this is why we don’t evaluate defensive performances by steals. Evans did all the work, Williams gets all the credit. Such is the life of a grinder.1:05 Williams starts the break, but it’s a 2-on-2. He stops his dribble at the 3-point line, and kicks to Paul on his left, who is trailing the play. Chauncey Billups joins the action at the same time, and now the Clippers have a 4-on-3 secondary break as Cook gets back for the Thunder. Paul fires a skip pass to a wide open Billups on the wing, a shot Billups will hit with his feet set at an alarming rate. But Billups shows the benefits of having three point guards on the floor at the same time and makes a beautiful extra pass to an even more open (and hotter) Caron Butler in the corner. The floor spacing and passing is perfect, and so is Butler’s 3-ball. Bingo. LAC 58, OKC 46:50 Westbrook brings the Thunder back up the floor, and they run a down-screen for James Harden on the wing. Harden fires up a deep, deep three in an attempt to answer, but it’s way off the mark. The Thunder have no one in position to rebound, and Evans easily pulls it in.:37 Billups makes this play. It’s something I wanted Eric Gordon to do for years — if you’re not going to crash the boards, leak out on long misses. Billups gets behind the entire Thunder defense in transition, and James Harden has to sprint back to locate Billups in the corner. Williams fills the lane on the same side Chauncey cleared out, and Westbrook, still visibly upset from Harden’s shot attempt, fails to locate him. Williams giddily hops because he’s so wide open before Paul delivers the pass. With no one near him, Williams strokes the PUJIT, 3-point style. LAC 61, OKC 46:33 At this point, the crowd is hysterical. The bench is all standing. Towels are being waved. Oklahoma City can’t get out of the half fast enough, but Williams’ quick 3-pointer sets the Clippers up for a 2-for-1.:32 Caron Butler steals the inbounds pass so quickly that no camera catches it. Since it’s not on film anywhere, here’s my theory: Butler threw a bucket of confetti to temporarily blind the referee, then pulled the shorts down of Kevin Durant to reveal Mickey Mouse underwear, which amused Russell Westbrook so much that he decided to just give him the ball. Veteran move.:31 More sharing. Butler dribbles out after the steal and passes up a corner 3. Now, normally, anyone who gets a backcourt steal gets a “get out of jail free” card. They earned it — they can fire up whatever shot they want. Butler instead swings it to Paul, who swings it over to Williams. Harden flies out on Williams and bites all over the pump fake. Instead of hitting the pull-up jumper he loves so much, Williams continues the love, takes one dribble, and kicks it back out to Billups who is spotted up and all by his lonesome. A fourth straight bingo falls. LAC 64, OKC 46In back-to-back games, the Clippers have found a way to punish their opponent by going small. Give a lot of credit to Vinny Del Negro. Not only were his rotations better tonight, but his ability to recognize and exploit matchups on the floor was a wonderful sight to see.You’ll remember Blake Griffin’s dunk, but the Clippers 12-0 run to end the first half behind some unselfish play was almost as fun.Almost. 

Import, transport of Burmese python, 3 other snakes banned

MIAMI — Four types of giant snakes that have been plaguing the Everglades are now banned from being imported into the United States or transported across state lines, federal officials announced Tuesday. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar publicized the new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule during a visit to the Everglades. It applies to the Burmese python, yellow anaconda and the northern and southern African pythons, the four types of massive constrictor snakes that have become increasingly present in the swampland. The snakes can grow to be 26 feet long and more than 200 pounds and threaten indigenous species. They’ve been found to kill and swallow animals as large as deer and alligators, and Salazar said they threaten all the work being done to restore the Everglades to its natural ecosystem. “It does us no good to put in these billion dollars of investment in the Everglades only to have these giant invasive constrictor snakes come in here and undo the good that we are doing,” he said. The rule will be published in the Federal Register in the coming days. It will take effect 60 days later and applies to not only live snakes, but viable eggs, hybrids and gametes, which are the male reproductive cells. “These giant constrictor snakes do not belong in the Everglades and they do not belong in people’s backyards,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who has been outspoken on the issue and who appeared with Salazar on Tuesday. Pythons have become a growing problem in Florida’s revered swampland. Many are believed to have been pets that were dumped once they grew too big; others may have escaped from pet shops during 1992′s Hurricane Andrew and have been reproducing ever since. Thousands are believed to be living in the Everglades. The new rule omits five species of snakes that initially were expected to be banned, leading some to criticize it as watered down. “This rule was swallowed up in the federal government for 22 months and put through a political meat grinder, leaving us with a severely diminished final action,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States. Among those spared from the rule were boa constrictors. Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said additional species would continue to be reviewed for possible action, but that the four types of snakes that are now banned pose the greatest threat. Besides the effect the new ban has on curbing an invasive species and protecting native wildlife, it could also protect people who are threatened by the snakes. Salazar, Nelson and Ashe posed with a 13-foot-long, 90-pound Burmese python that was found in a Palmetto Bay resident’s pool last month. In 2009, a pet Burmese python escaped from its terrarium and strangled a 2-year-old girl in her central Florida home.