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★NEW REALITY★ Golden Radio Voice Homeless Man Ted Williams, police detained, rehab

★The Ohio homeless man whose silky voice made him a web phenomenon is HEADED to REHAB for ALCOHOL and DRUG dependency★ after an appearance on “Dr. Phil,” show representatives said Wednesday. Ted Williams agreed to enter a private facility after a lengthy one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil McGraw set to air Thursday, show spokeswoman Stacey Luchs said in a written statement. Williams’ wife and family will also appear to discuss what they call his persistent drinking and a Monday disturbance at a Los Angeles hotel where police briefly detained Williams and his daughter after a heated argument. Mr Williams admitting he still struggled with alcohol addiction. It was only a week ago when America fell in love overnight with a homeless man with a “golden voice” on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. It was less than a week ago when we all watched Ted Williams life miraculously turn around after reuniting with his mother and finding work — high profile work with Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, 53, old habits always die hard. According to a confirmed report by Gossip Cop, Dr. Phil convinced Williams to go to rehab after he got into a fiery exchange with his daughter Janey on Monday at a Hollywood Hotel. Gossip Cop spoke with a representative for Dr. Phil, whom Williams taped two segments with over the weekend. On the program, Williams ADMITS to still drinking; his daughter accused him of sticking to the bottle on Monday. But Williams’ daughter Video Rating: 1 / 5

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